Saturday, May 21, 2011

The BAD side of Barbie!

This is the translation of a post from May 18. To read it click here!

This work was done by the photographer Mariel Clayton that explores the bad side, and previously unknown, of the famous Barbie doll.

When asked why he did that, Clayton explains: "Because I hate Barbie. I don't like the stereotype of the"ideal" woman, has nothing to do with the true personality of women."

Still claims that behind all that beauty, blond hair and shaped waist, hides a dark dark side.
After all, the prrttiest girls do the ugliest things ;)

I personally think it is COMPLETELY true! Could not agree more! Yes, it is also true that I was one of those little children who had 300 Barbies and don't let them go for nothing. But some years ago I have grown and learned from life that really the most beautiful girls can be the biggest BITCHES!


Some more pictures:

Whant more? Go to Mariel Clayton's facebook page, here! IT'S AMAZING!!!