Saturday, May 21, 2011

Definitely a bug!

This is the translation of a post from May 18. To read it click here!

Today I went to a blog that I visit several times a day and opened the comments of one of the posts.

In that post, a follower of that blog commented what II announce here and this picture:

I went to see and that's what I want to show! (You can simply open the link and see, but you can also read and leave a comment, right? ;D)

In case you didn't know, since stardoll had the idea of ending the Stardollars for Non-SuperStars and traded them for Starcoins, prices of items to NSS seems to have been multiplied by 10! For example, something that cost 4SD earlier, now costs 40sd or so! :P It's HORRIBLE, I KNOW, BUT ANYWAY...

If you want to confirm, visit the doll super_doll13 (click to visit). It is the sweater she is wearing!