Saturday, April 30, 2011

City of Bones will be a movie!

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I already suspected but now I think this is kind of a confirmation!

  • FROM: A Portuguese website in October 5, 2010

Cassandra Clare, the author of the wonderful trilogy The Mortal Instruments, traveled today (5/10/10) for her honeymoon, but left a more than great news for the fans of the trilogy, like me! : D

When I read the article on that page, I learned that the rights of City of Bones, the first book of The Mortal Instruments, was sold to a studio, but there weren't any news if there was or not a movie, despite the constant questions from fans.

But now the wait is over because the exceptional Cassandra posted on her blog very exciting news. Sony Pictures will join Constantin Films by Screen Gems to make the movie of City of Bones. The director has already been defined, Scott Stewart of "Priest" and "Legion".

Sensational isn't it? I always wanted to see a City of Bones movie (WORDS FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE PAGE, BUT I AGREE, BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I THINK!). Everyone already knows that 99% of fans wants Alex Pettyfer in the role of Jace, including me (I THINK HE WOULD BE PERFECTLY PERFECT!) but who do you think would make a good Clary? Or a good Simon? Cassandra said that she thinks Emma Stone would make a lovely Clary. Honestly, I have no clue who she is, but I'll look ;D.

  • The December 10, 2010, the author of the page posted another information that is of more than exciting!
Finally, our beloved Cassie Clare posted on her blog today (10/12/10) that has just been confirmed what actress will play Clary on the movie! Her name is Lily Collins.

And now begins the intense speculation of who will be Jace. Like everyone else, I want Alex Pettyfer, of course! And Simon? Or Isabelle?! Can't wait, and you??

My opinion: I don't think Lily is the best choice, but I think she will surprise me!